The news about the new product (#TheNextHero) about to be released by Infinix Team is all over the air, a lot has aswell been undergone by the Infinix Team to make this product a reality. Now they’ve set aside ‪#‎Zero2Hero campaign where their fans and customers can win prizes.

100 fans will be rewarded with different prices in this on-board campaign, all you have to do is share your story, yes it’s as easy as that, and you’re already standing a chance to win big-big.

What’s The Requirement?

It’s nothing much, follow the bellow guide and stand a chance to win
  1. Just visit Infinix Facebook page.
  2. Click the ZeroToHero tab.
  3. Put your nickname and e-mail address, then press “START” and “OK”
  4. Upload your old and current photos, then “SUBMIT.” Press “SHARE”

There are rules governing this whole campaign, and for you to emerge a winner you must abide to the rules, chill they easy going rules, you can see the rules Here.

Make sure you are always at the Infinix Facebook page to win other exciting prizes.

What are you waiting for? Common start the process. Goodluck.

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  1. Is the simple sever 500 naira a week plan still working