Hola! It's another hot one from MTN, I'm sorry I didn't update the MTN suprise package, as MTN dished out free 100mb to all their users. Ahan! I guess I wasn't lucky enough, because it didn't work for me, but I did it for alot of people and they enjoyed it aswell. This isn't like the MTN BIS which needs vpn(s) or money, it's totally for free you don't have to create a hole in your pocket before getting this 8GB+


For those who don't know how to get the mtn free 100mb, simply send '11 to 400' in a sms, and you'll be given 100mb, now lets see how you can get over 8GB and even above if you wish.

How To Get Over 8GB On MTN

Follow this steps below, it's as easy as saying 'FTB', lets ptoceed...

  • Get an MTN Sim
  • Now send 11 to 400
  • I guess you've gotten the 100mb, if yes, then continue by doing the below
  • After getting 100MB, change your date to 2013 or 2012 and resend 11 to 400
  • Continue back dating your phone and re-sending till you get 8GB+

Wow! You now have over 8GB on your MTN Sim, you wanna confirm? Simply dail *559*11# to check your balance.

Note: This one is tested and has been confirmed by me. Whats next? Download like crazy, enjoy this one while it lasts. (Downloading Videos Like Crazy) lol.

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  1. Great update here Mr. Larry,

    As far as am concerned am tryiing this one no Doubt! Am a great fan of free browsing lol due to the extortion amount of data down here.. You yourself knows na.

    Thanks for the update o

    I see you bro :)

  2. Hello Banshaybell,

    Funny you, sure internet data plans ain't friendly at all, esspecially here in Nigeria.

    Hope it worked for you?

  3. I couldn't backdate beyond 1970 and I can't check my balance

  4. Wow! Bro, 1970? Hehehe, you've finished MTN ni :o

    Like I said in the article, dail *559*11# to check your balance.

  5. Lols... It doesn't work on all sim cards, but it works on %70 of MTN sim cards.

    You can try another sim, like I said in the article, it didn't work on my sim, but it has worked for all my siblins and friends, excluding one of my friends.

  6. Wow, working here. Nice update man.

  7. Hello Chris,
    It's gud this worked for you, enjoy it .

    Don't forget to keep visiting us for more of such.

    Thanks for stopping by.