Here i will show you how to activate your Glo magic sim card for free browsing,
As we know the lastest free browsing tweak for glo Nigeria gives you unlimited download internet access for only 100Naira.

Everybody needs and prefer magic sim card tweak to every other tweak because of it's efficiency level and easy to use compatibility.

Glo Magic Sim Card is the dream of all glo users in Nigeria thats why i decided to go get it for you guys.

Now This Are The Steps You Need To Activate Your Glo Magic Sim for Free Browsing

Step 1
To activate the latest glo magic sim card free browsing You
Need to Migrate your plan
::: Migrate to glo gbam
You Can also migrate to Glo gbam By dialing *100*5*1#

Step 2:
Now after that Recharge N500 Airtime.

Step 3:
Note glo magic sim card tweak is enhanced or fortified using Glo one day plan

To activate glo one day plan towards activating glo free browsing Dial*127*10# Now browse normally on your glo for 1hours After Browsing For An Hour Remove Your Glo Sim From Phone Or Modem Keep It and Not use for 25hours After keeping your Glo sim card for 25 hours , Insert back into modem and that's all ....
Enjoying you free browsing using glo magic sim card tweak Wish you good luck.

Note:- it's not compulsory u browse with the sim 4 1hour.... U can also kip it unused 4 48hours... Jez a mater of been patience...
Enjoy, make sure you drop your coments below....

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  1. hello Larry Frank, thanks for the cheat, the very first i've tested to work from your blog. I thought this one will also be like the rest that doesn't work but i was wrong. Thanks for sharing, you see there are 2 blogs that i've found so far to be very helpful and have something interesting for me whenever i visit, this one and
    keep up the good work you're doing