Ths Is Not A Tweak Or Whatsoever.. Airtel Are giving out 200MB to any Body who ports to Their Network..

We all knows what Network Porting means.
For those who doesnt know what it means, Its a Process of Moving from your network (eg MTN) to any other Network (eg Airtel) and Use the Services of the Network you Ported on your Sim.

Your Number remains the same.
This Network Portability Works between MTN, GLO, AIRTEL, ETISALAT only.
To Get This 200MB free from Airtel, Simply go to any registration centre or The nearest airtel outlet or office near you and tell them you wanna Port to their network.
You can go with as many sims as you want. The Porting is Free of charge.
You will fill some forms and then Goto Your Message and Send The Word 'PORT' Without Quotes to 3232. After they must have ported your sim to their network, You are now eligible to Use Airtel Services. It takes approximately 2hours to complete the process and you would be given a New Sim Card with Your Ported Number On It..

You can Now check Your Balance on The new Sim By Dialing *123*10# or *141*712*0#... Hope It Was Helpful Please Drop Your Coments below.

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