Sometime ago I made it clear that i will stop writting freebrowsing tweaks but some of my readers kept contacting me asking me why i stoped and asking me to keep writing it. Well i had no say i do what my readers want because you guys are the back bone of FlowingTechBlog, thanks to you all i'll keep on feeding you guys with what you need

Lets go back tto bussiness
All those PC users who can't use DroidVPN on laptop, you can work with Tunnel guru or PDproxy as as it currently surf with mtn free of charge. Though it's kinda slow but a bit manageable.

Rock With The Below Settings;

⊙ Download TunnelGuru for 32bit here

⊙ Download for 62bit here

⊙ Make sure you have Java Runtime on your PC. If you don't have it, download it here for 32bit and here for 64bit

Modem Settings For Your Modem:


Tunnelguru Settings Server :

Tg 1(Usa) Or Tg2(Uk)
Protocol: DNS

Tunnel DNS Query:
It Auto generates when you connect so whatever you have there copy it and put in the box next to the server Dns

Payload Strenght :250
Select Encoded DNS Name
Select Txt Without Encoded Response
Type in your Tunnelguru Username And Password
Set your browser to no Proxy and start browsing

Remember 150mb will be given to you daily for free.

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