I'm sorry I brought this tweak late, please forgive me
but this is Unbelieveable. 700mb for free on mtn. MTN Nigeria is giving out 700mb for free, this tweak will be enjoyed well by those of you who have morethan one MTN Sim card just like i do. I know you'll love this one.

This one is not like the MTN BIS with droid vpn or the MTN BIS with PD Proxy because this one is absolutely free. Lets go straight to the point.

Follow the below steps to get free 700MB from your MTN sim.

● Dial *662*6# and subscribe for all the plan you see there i.e from jumia to easy taxy (monthly trial) each monthly trial you subscribe to gives you 100mb and they are 7 in numbers… giving you 700MB in total

● Note that this 700mb can only work with this site "www.jumia.com.ng" . Meaning that aside of the above site, it won't work.

How To Make It Work On All Websites And Apss

PC USERS: For PC Users you should download Simple Server to enable this 700mb work for you.
● You can download it here.

Also set your browser with the below setting.
Proxy =
Port = 8080
Rmember to replace anywhere you see 0.facebook.com with jumia.com. Now your PC should statr rocking the 700mb

FOR ANDROID USERS: Android users should download Simple server or openvpn and config file

● Download Simple Server Here
● Download OpenVPN Here and the config file Here.

Now open it and replace anywhere you see 0.facebook.com or blackberry.com with jumia.com

Note: Change your home page to www.jumia.co, or www.jumia.com.ng to enable you browse on any website/app.

This 700mb can only be done once on a simcard that was why i said that this tweak will be enjoyed well by those of you who have morethan one MTN Sim cards.
Like i have four MTN sim cards, lets do the simple maths.
700+700+700+700 = 2800
Meaning? I got about 2800mb from my four sims.

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