For those of you who use Android devices, could you just emerging loosing your Android device how do u think you will feel.
That's why i decided to share these with you, becaus to me i can't beer it, If you don't want to loose your Android device forever just follow the steps below.


All you need to do is to download any of this applications
1. SeekDroid: SeekDriod which cost about $4.99 but don't get pernic you can read my post on how to get a paid applications for free here, SeekDroid is one of the oldest find my phone application that allow you remotely control your GPS and also helps you wipe both your internal storage and memory card (SDcards) remotely and prevent thieves from uninstalling your applications.
You can download SeekDroid here

2. Lookout Plan B: Lookout plan B is one of the only application that automatically track your android phone and send you the location even its just pre-installed on your phone.
You can get lookout plan B here

3: Find My Phone: find my phone is a free application that's good for families in case like when ever you want to track where your kids are at a particular time and also it can help you track your phone from another persons phone as far he has you on his list.
You can download find my phone here

4: Norton Anti-Theft: Norton anti-theft helps you upload photos to Norton website that can help you track your phone. You can download Norton anti-theft here

Hope it helped want to here your views.

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