Hurray Glo almost free unlimited and ultimate browsing for Eternity is here.

This tweak rocks, It's just 1000 naira only then you can browse for Eternity.
What! Did i just say 1000 naira only?
Yes 1000 naira for Eternity, isn't that great news to hear, now Flowing Tech Blog will be giving you detailed tutorial on how to do this.

*. This GLO magic sim browsing speed = 7.2mb/s
*. This GLO magic sim rocks on all browseable device excluding blackberry devices.
* With this Glo magic sim you are free to download all your apps, musics, pix, e.t.c.

What Thes Tutorial Requires.
* Two Glo Sim Cards, ie. simA and simB.
* 1000 naira GLO recharge. card
* Browseable device for Eternity, Lols.
If You have the above requirement let's roll.

Let The Tutorial Begin
Please make sure you Carefully Follow The Below Steps So You Can Get This Glo Unlimited 1 year Browsing.

Step 1 : As i earlier said you need two GLO sim cards ie. SimA and SimB, Insert SimA into your modem or some other browseable device, then insert SIMB into a Nokia torch.

Step 2 : Recharge SimB with 1000 naira remember SimB should be on your phone.

Step 3 : Dial *127*53# or send 53 to 127, by so doing you have subscribed for the GLO package internet browsing.

Step 4 : Read carefully after the subscription, do not browse, and please if you are using an Android phone just turn your data off. Or preferably use insert SimB into your Nokia Torch.

Step 4 : Now we are there, this is where the main work is try being careful here.
With your SimB dail *127*01*SimA number#
Example is : Dial *127*01*08055522331#.
After that you will receive a message on your SimA.

Step 5 : Browse with your SimA for 2 to 3 minutes no when u are through with browsing for 2-3 munites just dial this code on SIMB *127*02*SIM 1#.
You are done

Things You Should Know
* Using a modem isn’t advisable.
* Sharing of data on SIM 2 with more than one Glo sim cards is possible but makesure that you use the number 5 step to cancel the data sharing on SIM 2.
Make sure you do use this tweak now its still rocking. Enjoy...

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