I personally found this tweak to help us browse on our independent day (Naigeria is 53).


Get a sim (mtn) recharged with 200naira, your credit should not exceed this amount but it can be 200.1k, 200.5k,e.t.c.

Now Type "113" In A Message And Send To 131 By So Doing You Are Buying The NEW MTN DATA BUNDLE OF 1 DAY 5OMB PLAN.

You Will Get A Confirmation Message Welcoming You To The Plan, Remove The Simcard Immediately From The Phone.
Take Note Of The Time You Subscribed Wait For Atleast Four Hours 4hrs Then Insert The Sim Back To Your Phone Or Modem.

Now When You Insert It Browse But Dont Do Any Download At That Moment.
You Can Browse Till You Are Tired Then i.e. Like Browse For More Than 6hrs Then You Remove The Sim From The Phone.
You Are To Insert The Simcard Again Exctly 2hrs.30mins To The Data Expiry Date Which They Sent You Earlier When You Subscribed.

Now When You Insert It Send "BOMB" to 131 You May Recieve An Invalid Mssg But By So Doing Your Sim Has Been Activated.
Start Downloading Till You Are Satisfied.

Note. During Your Download You Will Be Recieving A Message Like You Have Used 25% 50% 75% e.t.c

Never Mind Them Continue Downloading, Exceed The Expiry Time i.e If your data Is Meant To Stop 2pm Start Downloadin 11.30pm And Stop By 6pm Or Dia About Depending When You Are Tired.

CAUTION: During De Period Your Data Is Meant To Expire Never Remove Or Disconect Your Sim Or Battery To Go Down If Dia Is Light Plug Your Phone, Systems, e.t.c And Download Till You Are Tired.

Now Don't Do The Following
Never Ever. Send 2 To 131 Or Check Your Data Balance. If You Do That You Are Gone Cos All You Have Done Is Invain, Also Never Call An MTN Agent To Help You Do This
Enjoy This Stuff

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