Here Now I Know You All Will Be Anxiouse To Know How To Browse Free With N0.00 on your Android Phone Wif Your ETISALAT SIM

1. Download DroidVPN App from Google play {Skip this if you have it installed already}

2. Then register an account from their site at, you will use the account you registered to sign into your DroidVPN app {Also skip this if you have an account with them already}

3. Run and install it 4. Set your UDP to Port53

Connect and browse with your Etisalat Sim. It works and rocks wella!
And if you already have an active Etisalat bis plan, use the same above settings. It is simple as that, enjoy it while it last.

For PC User Remember that it required you to upgrade to premium user before you can enjoy it with N0.0 on your Etisalat Sim.

1. Visit to register a free account 2. After that, download PD-proxy software From

3. Run and install it

4. Set your UDP to port53 Connect your Modem Using

1. APN: etisalat

2. Start the software and wait for it to write successfully connected to server!

3. Go to open your Browser and select NO PROXY

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